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Still Inside Preset Pack

$5.00 USD

Because we are still inside due to the pandemic or the weather (I personally hate the cold air), I decided released another preset pack! Here are 5 color presets and 1 BW preset for all of you to purchase! 

You must have an updated Lightroom/Classic. Unfortunately, Lightroom Mobile on iOS does not support .xmp files and the only way around that is to use the subscription/cloud service on the desktop to share/convert your preset through all your devices.

Tips and FAQ about the preset: adjust for temperature, exposure settings, and grain if you would like - I do not suggest these as click presets. The image profile is set to "camera neutral" as that my preferred setting on my camera and in Lightroom, and I also suggest using your own lens correction settings since it's likely both of us different camera body/lens. You'll also see a "-" version of some of the presets, that is without color corrections and exposure adjustment to help with efficiency!

Most of all, have fun with these and experiment! Any questions, you can contact me at or on Instagram.

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